Friday, May 3, 2013

Favorite YW Activities (yw voted)

We use this reference sheet all the time! At a combined planning activity last January, we divided 30 girls into 3 groups and gave each group a large sheet of butcher paper and markers. The girls spent some time brain-storming their favorite activities, and we compiled this list! The number of asterisks indicates the number of votes received (if the activity received more than one vote).


  1. What is the Fugitive game, Playground Olympics and sliding rock?

  2. We just completed "Fugitive" last week! Please see the recent blog post dated Oct 8 for details.

    Playground Olympics: always a little different because the youth do the planning. They come up with challenges for each piece of playground equipment and score like the Olympics. Works well for YM/YW combined if you divide into teams similar to different country teams - and of course there are prize medals at the end.

    Sliding Rock: this is a hike/swimming activity. After a short hike up, the YW were able to "slide" down a large rock (like sliding down a waterfall) into a larger swimming area. The girls loved this!

  3. I can't print this list - would you mind mailing it to me? Great ideas! Thanks!

  4. I would also love a copy!